The “Calm down” letter to the editor (July 10) deserves to be cleansed of several misconceptions about Trump.

First, Trump’s “vision” is not “huge.” Trump does not have a coherent vision or plan for America except insofar as his infantile brain generates random, chaotic announcements as part of his on-going reality show. He values television ratings, but otherwise his values are not traditionally those of democratic America. Trump’s tenets do not include “comfort and sanctuary” to anyone except for emoluments for himself, his family and GOP sycophants because Trump totally lacks empathy for human beings or their human predicament. “Hatred,” “chaos” and “anarchy” are qualities that Trump has newly thrust upon our current society, amplifying tribal politics and diminishing civility.

I do agree with the “Calm down” letter that our rights will become “changed, lost, gone forever...” But the loss or diminution of our traditional rights is the spoils or by-product of the election of Trump. Further, one of Trump’s latest crazy visions is a massive worldwide trade war, which has fueled China’s targeting of Trump’s specific red county and state supporters for retaliation. Trump’s immigration stance has our farmers crying over a shortage of labor. Manufacturers and soybean growers are joining the 60 percent majority that disapproves of Trump. 

Finally, if “God has a plan,” such plan is unknown to Trump. Trump doesn’t even know the words to our national anthem, let alone any good words in the Bible. I can’t be calm for America as long as Trump is president.

J. Craig Jenkins, Bakersfield