The Nov. 26 letter, "Meadows Field can stop 'leaks,'" about the cost of flying from Bakersfield prompts me to put forward an alternative point of view.

Like the letter writer, I have been fortunate to travel all over the world many times, most recently when courting Victoria, who is now the love of my life, and wife. That involved many flights from Scotland to Los Angeles, where she lived at the time. Flying out of LAX was a very stressful experience.

Two months ago I had to travel to Scotland for a funeral, and, booking through United, I asked if I could go via Bakersfield — and I could. Check baggage all the way through, turn up 45 minutes before take off, and two-and-a-half hours later I am in Denver, from where you can fly anywhere in the world. Total flying time is the same as going from LAX, and the price is the same. But then do the maths on all the additional costs — time, parking, stress, two-hour check in, etc., if you decided to start from Los Angeles or San Francisco.

It is without doubt the most pleasant and stress free journey for 20 years, and if you read this, Meadows Field marketing department, wherever I go in the world again I will start here, and you may wish to advertise the many benefits of doing so.

I have no connection to Meadows Field, or anyone connected to it, and the TSA Preferred system is worth every cent.

Paul Forster, Bakersfield