League of Dreams_20

Nick Ellis / for The Californian Congressman Kevin McCarthy throws out the first pitch to Dominic Lewis during opening ceremonies of the League of Dreams Sunday afternoon at Sam Lynn Ballpark.


McCarthy is in an avoidance mode, refusing to hold a town hall meeting, closing his ears to current complaints about Trump’s policies and refusing to carry out the duties of a representative. I agree that it was excessive to march on McCarthy’s home, but the crowds at a town hall meeting would not be “unruly,” as you said, if McCarthy were to do his job.

McCarthy himself is responsible for creating any “unruly crowds” in part because of his wrong-headed support of Trump, but in larger part because he is not practicing democracy in action. Crowds are reacting to McCarthy’s tactical cowardice.

Right this minute McCarthy is waffling on calling for Jeff Sessions to recuse himself or resign, again demonstrating McCarthy’s cowardice in office. McCarthy should stand firmly for Sessions to recuse himself or resign. Your traditionally charming column is better off without politics in it.

J. Craig Jenkins, Bakersfield