Why does Kevin McCarthy feel he needs to represent Mississippians more than Californians? He supports removing the deductions for local and state taxes from the federal income tax. He states that it's not fair for poor states to have to pay for Californians.

The truth is that California is one of the few states that is a donor state. We contribute more to the federal government than we receive. Mississippi receives two dollars for every dollar it contributes. Funny they are keeping property taxes as a deduction. Texas brags about low state taxes, but their property taxes are almost twice that of California.

A principle of Republicans has been to not depend on the federal government. They maintain that local and state governments could do it themselves and do it better. Californians tax ourselves, with the thought to provide services, so that the federal government does not need be so involved.

Now he wants to punish us for following that principle. Sadly, Kevin McCarthy has lost his Republicans principles and no longer represents hardworking Californians.

— James Fitch, Bakersfield