Let me see if I have this correct. The police are looking for a madman with a machete. I'm dressed similarly to the madman's description. Have a similar build. So the police stop me to find out if I'm their guy. But rather than let them do their job, and because I'm ignorant, belligerent and lack a social conscience, I am uncooperative. I wind up being tackled and bitten by a police canine. And now, even though every injury I suffered was completely self-inflicted, it's somebody else's fault and I'm suing. Is that how it works now? I've just won the police lottery?

Yes, I'm talking about Tatyana Hargrove. One of an ever increasing group who have no clue what the police are here to do. When you needlessly and unnecessarily keep them tied up, rather than let them do their job and be on their way looking for the real bad guy, you endanger all of us. 

Not one penny should be paid out to this individual. Not one. Even if it costs 100 times her claim to defend against it. It sets a bad precedent and only invites more of her ilk to do the same thing -- tying up yet more police resources and endangering more citizens.

Two things need to happen. One, the community needs to band together and sue her for endangering us, and two, give that brave police canine a doggie breath mint to get the bad taste out of its mouth.

Jim Dunaway, Bakersfield