Kern County workers deserve thanks during this holiday season. They maintain our parks and roads, take care of our children in need and make Kern County a good place to do business.

I am a CPS social services worker and I have worked for the county for 14-years. I have never seen morale so low and workloads so high. Turnover in my department would embarrass any business owner in the private sector.

Kern County has decided to operate in a way that costs more money over the long term and is creating many more problems than it solves. Many of the departments in Kern County act as a training ground for neighboring counties and other agencies. Once people have a year or two of experience, they can move to another county or government agency for higher pay and lower workloads.

County supervisors need to understand the importance of maintaining trained, seasoned and knowledgeable county workers who are best equipped to serve our most vulnerable community. The cost of training and the lack of seasoned workers costs this county much more than we’ve saved by freezing wages for a decade.

Our Board of Supervisors needs to invest in keeping good workers and stopping other agencies from poaching our talent. When you invest in county employees, you invest in our community.

Francisco Martinez, Bakersfield