Again we are looking at the numerous tragedies of school shootings. There are three major factors which have set the scene for this large increase in violent actions. These acts will continue to increase — gun control or not — until we change course.

1) For years our schools have been indoctrinating our youth with the mantra that they are nothing more than a cosmic accident — an overgrown monkey. "The survival of the fittest" is the basic rule of the universe, so the strong will win and the weak ones have to go. We have come from nothing and there is nothing in the beyond. Mother could have eliminated us from the start, and perhaps that would have been a better choice — "pro-choice." The foundational respect for life in traditional America is gone.

2) In the 1990s, the average high school graduate had viewed about 24,000 murders on television, thus desensitizing them. We all know that the video games, etc., are far more violent than the old TV. Hollywood has given us an incredible brainwashing in pro-violence.

3) The Supreme Court gave a stamp of approval for our youth to accept violence and rule God's authority out of their lives when they forced the Louisiana schools to quit teaching a Creator (damn the Declaration of Independence), later forcing the Kentucky schools to take the Ten Commandments off the hallway walls, lest a student read them and think that he had to obey them!

How must we reverse these horrific failures in our society? Go back and read Tim Stormont's Community Voices article ("Gun control, government and the place of faith," Feb. 22).

— Jim Lee, Lake Isabella