President Donald Trump's attack of CNN and CNN International is the most childish behavior of any president I've seen. Praising Fox News as the only legitimate news agency is a joke. Divided we are and divided this nation will stay since we cannot tolerate each other's political views.

It's time for President Trump to resign from office. His failure to steer this country in a positive direction has weakened the very foundation of American democracy. Trump's loss of respect by world leaders, his arrogance toward world affairs and his deceit in the form of secrets and lies have made him not only the worst president in our nation's history, but the most disrespectful world leader of the 21st Century.

His wall along our southern border benefits no one. His removal of Obamacare will hurt millions, his tax plan will only benefit the rich, his insults and racial slurs are unacceptable, his sexual exploitation of women is intolerable. The American people who voted for Donald Trump have been bamboozled to think that he will unite this nation and make it great again.

Frank Stibor, Tehachapi