The author of the Oct. 22 letter, "We need to change education slogan," claimed the changes for first-year students at Bakersfield College will lead to slacking and continued stupidity. But the tuition waiver would help those fresh out of high school decide if a full college path is for them, or to enroll in technical courses, the armed forces or just dive into the workforce.

Standardized testing is an imperfect skill determination: Smart high school grads can perform poorly on those tests and stop attending college because they were forced into “bonehead” classes.

I attended BC twice: First out of high school before attending California State University, Bakersfield, and second when I wanted a degree in a subject different from my major at CSUB. The second time at BC I excelled and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. However, I was denied graduation because I had not fulfilled all of BC's general education requirements — one a health class! I was in my 40s and held a bachelor's degree from a higher institution, but the 13 general education requirements and degree from CSUB were not enough for BC. They need to have a rethinking of their conditions for education as well as student needs.

With these changes, entry-level students are judged by classes they have already passed at the high school level. This determines if they need remedial classes, not more testing that may be a poor indicator of knowledge and abilities and can set a student back in their education rather than furthering it.

— Janice French, Bakersfield