Regarding Justin Salters' recent commentary ("I'm preserving the California Dream for my own progeny," Feb. 27).

Gee, thanks, Justin for repeating Republican propaganda on how unaffordable California is in comparison to other states. In a market-based economy, it is called supply and demand. You made a mistake comparing California with the poor states of Mississippi and Alabama. According to a Best States Rankings on, California ranks fifth in the nation in growth, 29th in employment and No. 1 in business environment! Mississippi ranks 46th in growth, 47th in employment and 48th in business environment; Alabama ranks 31st in growth, 44th in employment and 37th in business environment. So it appears that business owners who were interested in business environment would choose California over Mississippi and Alabama.

Let’s move on to K-!2 education. The rankings give California an overall C- grade, Mississippi D, Alabama D+. The majority of states (31) post mediocre grades between C- and C+. However, Mississippi and Alabama do worse than average, not that I’m bragging about a C-.

I appreciate your desire to fight for the California dream. I would prefer you used relevant data.

— Kathy Harlan, Bakersfield