On Presidents Day, Rep. Kevin McCarthy slipped into Taft. I can assume he arrived in a white pickup truck as that's the vehicle of choice around here. According to the Taft Midway Driller, he was wearing a dark zip-up coat because wearing a suit and tie here would be out of place.

He rubbed elbows with a few of his wealthy supporters and met with Taft Mayor David Norr on the old drilling rig at West Kern Oil Museum. I hope he mentioned to the mayor how to fill in the two-week-old sinkhole on 10th Street with something other than bologna.

He then made his way to the West Side Recreation & Park District where he played nerf baseball. I'm sure many local constituents would have loved to have been there to throw something a little harder than a nerf ball. We need to get his attention on why he has not come forward and been open about issues like gun control, immigration and infrastructure, instead of sneaking in and out of places in disguise.

We need a congressman who will be open about all issues and represent everyone, not just a select few. "My Kevin:" Put down the Starbursts and become "Our Kevin" and our voice in Washington D.C.

— Preston Jennings, Taft