I've sent letters to my local congressman and city council member, but they haven't replied back as of yet about what can be done about people wreaking of marijuana while riding the GET bus.

To me, it is a violation of my civil liberties to have to sniff that awful smell out in the public. It is bad enough to have to smell it; now passengers are just pulling out their weed and rolling marijuana cigarettes on the bus.

The drivers say their hands are tied and if they don't allow the foul-smelling passengers to board the bus, they could lose their jobs. Every morning at the Valley Plaza bus terminal, kids are lighting up joints before school, and the security and BPD do nothing about it, even though you can smell it.

I just think it's wrong that when recreational marijuana use was passed, not one person considered the violation of civil liberties of the non-users of marijuana to have to smell the marijuana on the users out in public. Why can't there be ordinances in place to protect the rights of the non-marijuana users from having to be subjected to this awful and foul smell in public?

It's a shame that the marijuana users don't notice how bad the smell is, or they just don't care or they are just too high to notice. Hopefully something can be done to resolve this problem.

— Michael Aldaco, Bakersfield