I read in the paper the response to the people from Lamont at the recent KHSD Board Meeting and am more than a little bit upset. The board made it pretty clear that the high school students of Lamont will continue to attend Arvin High School and that no new school is even on the drawing board.

Let’s be clear: Arvin High School is seriously overcrowded. While it is true that there are some 14 portable classrooms to provide adequate classroom space, those classrooms do not provide adequate science labs, nor rest rooms, nor the size of the library/media center, nor the size of the cafeteria, the counseling office or other administrative offices.

Arvin High School is a good school and it makes every effort to meet the needs of the students. But it is part of a larger district and deserves equal support from the central office, something it has rarely enjoyed. The students of that school deserve to be housed in an adequate campus with auxiliary facilities that assist both the staff and the students in the pursuit of the best education possible.

Lamont needs a high school. Arvin High School is seriously overcrowded and the KHSD has an obligation to serve all of its students equally. That is not the situation today. The board members have an obligation to find a solution for the overcrowding problem that exists at the Arvin High School campus. The people of Lamont deserve a high school campus in Lamont.

— Robert (Bob) Laramee