The First Amendment — to which our nation’s Founders gave the highest priority — guarantees to all Americans three unalienable rights: freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to practice our religion according to the dictates of our conscience without hindrance from human law.

Journalists have always rightly resisted any attempt to limit their right to investigate, report and publish. They have bravely defied demands by the highest authorities in the land not to make certain facts public, even facts that the government claims would endanger national security itself. They have courageously risked severe legal punishments by refusing to bow even to such seemingly legitimate demands.

In my view, therefore, it is a sad contradiction to see The Californian and others demanding that Cathy Miller, under force of law, be required to compromise her rights and violate her conscience, or else close up shop. Her  conscience is shaped by her deep love and strong allegiance to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Today’s modern media refuses to respect or even recognize the reality that, for some people, the creation and conduct of their business IS their way of honoring God, serving others, and practicing their religion in a practical way in the real world.

A past president of Harvard once wrote with great admiration for those who stand true to their faith in the face of contrary human laws: “If they suffer because they dare not comply with the wills of men against the will of God, they suffer in a good cause.”

 Amen to that.

 — Don Clark, Arvin