It amazes me that those far left California progressives are so out of touch with middle-class America. People like Nancy Pelosi claims that the tax cuts are “crumbs” for those like me.

A previous letter writer claims the rich get richer and distorts the truth about people like me. What he fails to tell you is that supporters of President Trump’s tax cut and President Trump’s base are ecstatic about the tax cut.

Here is the reality. I am a high school teacher, and my pay increased by $134.74 per month in February. In addition, my yearly income increased by almost $1,500. This does not include the difference my wife and I will receive in filing our taxes this new year. This may be “crumbs” to the ultra-rich Nancy Pelosi, but not for the middle class. Truth hurts, and those like me are tired of the lies being spun by progressives. However, please continue because those of us not quite “elite” middle-class workers will take our pay raise and vote for those making OUR lives better.

— Jim Maples, Bakersfield