So a local bakery owner is unwilling to violate her Christian teachings about homosexuality and make a cake for gay couples wanting to get married. And a judge has just ruled in the bakery owner's favor. Excellent.

I now have one question: If violating this baker’s religious beliefs is cause for turning away a customer, why limit this to just one violation? Why is there not a questionnaire for all prospective wedding cake customers asking them if they have committed any other acts against religion?

Although Jews around the world have managed to find 613 commandments in the Torah (Genesis through Deuteronomy), I will limit my potential violations to just the Ten Commandments because most people seem to think these are the most important ones.

1) Do you believe in God?

2) Have you ever wrongfully used the name of God?

3) Have you violated the Sabbath by working?

4) Have you ever failed to honor your mother or father?

5) Have you ever committed murder?

6) Have your ever committed adultery?

7) Have you ever stolen anything?

8) Have you ever lied about your neighbor?

9) Have you ever coveted anything of your neighbors?

As you can see, I didn’t even use all 10. Maybe the questionnaire could just use the ones this owner finds the most offensive since they are already limiting their questionnaire to just one. And not even one found in these Ten Commandments.

Don’t believe in God? Makes the rest of the list irrelevant. If you answered yes to any of the rest, please exit the building.

— Andy Abrams, Bakersfield