Our justice system in America is symbolized by the statue of Lady Justice who holds a balance scale (equal justice) and wears a blindfold (the same justice for all). We have borders and immigration laws to make immigration into our country an orderly process. Those laws have worked for more than 240 years.

The Rev. Nancy Bacon wants to change all that. In a Community Voices article ("A just and moral immigration policy is needed," March 7), she wants Lady Justice to get rid of her balance scale and her blindfold when judging illegal aliens and treat them better than U.S. citizens. That is absurd and should never happen. She must not realize that even God has immigration laws because he does not let just anyone into his kingdom. He reserves that privilege for those who obey his laws and live by his rules (The Ten Commandments).

Our immigration laws have exactly the same objective. We also just want to let people in who will obey our laws and live by our rules. So if God’s immigration laws are acceptable and just, ours are, too.

Unlike illegal aliens, millions of Americans have fought and died to create and preserve our great country. Now we have to dial “1” for English and watch our country slowly being destroyed by untold millions of illegal aliens who don’t want to be Americans. Unlike Rev. Bacon, I think the best option we have to preserve our country is to stop illegal immigration completely by strengthening our current immigration laws and enforcing them rigorously.

— Wilbur W. Wells, Tehachapi