Just read UCLA professor Phillip Rundel's article (A burning question: Controlling wildfire and protecting forests," Oct. 22). It was about our terrible situation that much of the U.S. Forestry is in and new legislation. Mr. Rundel attacks the Zinke and Wastewater legislative bill, but let’s look at the real problem.

By stating the obvious, environmental groups, such as the Sierra Club, are the real culprits here. For more than 100 years, forestry, done by professionals (not Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke or Rundel) have had their hands tied. A real forester, such as Georgia Pacific (that terrible destroyer of the spotted owl habitat and old growth forests), was forced to stop real forestry management years ago. So instead of well-managed forest, we now have: tree overpopulations, too much undergrowth, sick trees being consumed by pestilence, out-of-control fire hazards, death and enormous property destruction.

So what is wrong with aggressively logging all forests now that we know that these environmentalists were and are wrong? What is wrong with more controlled burns to make up for these terrible environmentalist mistakes?

Let’s stop blaming some beetle for the death of thousands of acres of forest. The beetle is a saprophyte that feeds on weak, sick and dying trees. Thank you, Sierra Club. Please, ASAP, call Georgia Pacific to get us out of this disaster. After all, what is wrong with cheap lumber anyway?

— Ed Davis, Bakersfield