Taking the law and the Bible out of the Tastries case, shouldn't we all have rights? All people are important and should be protected. Because we have freedom to make choices, we know that our choice may not be a popular one to some, but is one that is important to us.

In this case, Miller's choice cost her some business and other fallout. It cost the couple an inconvenience, possibly an insult and some anger. Why not kiss Tastries goodbye and move on to another bakery; there are many better ones here. What is there to gain from a judgment? Possibly acceptance, retaliation, or even money?

No matter what the courts say, is it going to change those on either side? I'm disappointed that the Supreme Court has to spend time on these cases as there are so many urgent things in this country that need their time. This is a no-win situation.

 — Laurie Patrick