As Christians, we are supposed to try to have some of God's characteristics which consist of love, tolerance and understanding. I think it is disparaging for Christians to speak cruelly about others, but unfortunately we do.

God speaks of many things Christians should be doing. Above all things, he  expects us to love. Love covers a multitude of sins. When we outwardly talk about others, we are not showing our Christianity.

We are in a society that loves to blame others for their thoughts and beliefs. Many of us have thoughts of our own and we say that thought comes from God. I can't imagine stating in a public forum that I can't do something for someone because of their sexual preference, race, religion, etc. If we would have the characteristic of God rather than let our conscience be our guide, we would have a better world. God wants us to make choices based on what he has said and done for all of us, not to let your conscience be your judge. That's when the bigotry and prejudice enter our mind.

If we aren't careful, we will have lines in a store saying "colored" and "white" again, because that was a conscious decision by our society. We have to love and be tolerant of all God's people, especially in a public forum. To say that our "conscience" would not let us tolerate their needs is very repulsive.

— Larcenia Taylor, Bakersfield