Those NFL football players who've taking a knee during the National Anthem know about racial disparities in America. We've all read the words "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal." But it's not so! America has a history, a dark history.

America was built on slavery, and segregation is its pillars. The Civil War was fought over this very issue. North and South, black and white died in that war, then came segregation. 

Black Americans also died in World War I and World War II defending this flag and this country; but when they returned home, they were treated worse for wearing the military uniform. Some were beaten, others were lynched, according to Peter C. Baker's "The Tragic, Forgotten History of Black Military Veterans" (The New Yorker, Nov. 27, 2016).

The first slaves arrived in America around 1619 and over 398 years later we are still dealing with racial injustice.

President Trump said those take a knee in protest over racial injustices are SOBs. "Make America Great Again?" America can be great, but the fact is, America can hate, she can oppress, and she can persecute. But I hold out hope that she will live up to that creed that" all men are created equal."

— Curley Carlisle, Bakersfield