Kevin McCarthy, left, and Donald Trump moments before Trump walked out onto the platform to take the oath of office.


Dear Kevin: The photos of you on television and newspapers casting fawning, puppy-dog eyes at our so-called president, are embarrassing. More embarrassing is your blind following and symbiotic relationship with our so-called president, a man who doesn’t think that truth matters or that truth exists (except in his mind).

Our so-called president is tearing our country apart with his erratic, impulsive and chaotic policies and style. If you want to do some real good for America, please introduce a bill to impeach Trump for violation of the Emoluments Clause and violation of the oath of office (attacking the judicial branch, attacking First Amendment rights and otherwise not protecting our Constitution). An impeachment investigation would lead to disclosure of Trump’s tax returns and prove even to you that Trump’s view of America does not include democracy, separation of powers or human rights, but only material wealth.

If you do not wake up and smell the toast, I would like to see you subjected to a recall vote. You might smugly believe you are immune from recall, but not once more and more citizens realize the dangers posed by Trump. Please come to your senses. And this is coming from a registered Republican.

J. Craig Jenkins