Congressman Kevin McCarty and his wife Judy look at national election returns that give Donald Trump a surprising lead.


Dear Kevin,

We’re through. As with many failed relationships, lack of communication is to blame. I tried. I reached out several times, but received no response. You didn’t reply to my inquiries on the President’s Executive Orders during his first week in office ,but that other central valley congressman, Rep. David Valadao (R, Hanford), posted his views immediately after that first Executive Order ( see Valadao’s website.) He’s proven to be an attentive listener to this voter’s concerns. No, I’m not having an affair(!), though I do find Rep. Valadao’s open and attentive attitude very attractive.

Only now do I fully realize why there’s no need for me to know your position on issues, Kevin. It’s the same as that ventriloquist’s upon whose knee you sit, the one who gives you voice. “My Kevin” he calls you. Bonded; integrally dependent on one another.

Mary Munis-Webb