• By Ralph Korn

What is mainstream America’s response to the outrageous behavior of the Hollywood “stars’” ongoing stream of malicious slandering of the president of the United States? Where is the media response to these egotistical brats and their ranting, senseless whining? With few exceptions, the ultra…

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  • By Norm Haughness

OK, it’s high time we begin discussing the implementation. President Trump has said it’s time to get those lawbreakers out — those Mexican-border-crossers who lack the proper papers. Doing the deportations, unlike simply promising them, raises a number of practical issues.

  • By William D Bezdek

It’s about time someone started recognizing the truth about Obamacare. I applaud Steve Schilling’s March 17 Community Voices article, “Repealing the Affordable Care Act is the real job killer.” However, the Republican leadership has promulgated many more “fake facts” about the “failing” ACA …

  • By Mary C. Barlow

California’s vast public education system is in the midst of an exciting renaissance. The changes we have seen in just the past five years have been resounding. These major shifts have raised the bar for student learning, transformed testing and put an emphasis on equity.

  • By Stephen W. Schilling

In response to Inga Barks’ March 2 column, “Reform healthcare, even if government jobs are lost,” the claim that the Affordable Care Act is a job-killer and only created more government-funded jobs is not based in fact or reality.

  • Marylee Shrider

Subscribers don’t usually get the last word when it comes to the Opinion page, but after Danny Morrison called me out in his most recent column for schooling him on his you-can-be-both-pro-choice-and-pro-life stance, I requested and received equal time to rebut his rebuttal of my rebuttal.

  • By Julie Fry

Imagine waking up in the morning knowing that something isn’t right, that people expect something from you every day that you can’t provide. Then imagine being the parent of a child desperate to become who they really are meant to be, but being scared of what that means for both the child an…

  • By Katie Price

It wasn’t so many years ago that we as counselors, administrators and teachers didn’t even know who our foster-youth students were. Due to confidentiality laws, we weren’t allowed to know, nor to share information with the county Social Services Department.

  • By Ralph Korn

Americans are bombarded daily by media pronouncements. Newspapers, TV, radio and, more recently, social media all attempt to shape our lives and opinions. The respected syndicated columnist Bob Franken headlined his recent contribution “Who cares what we media types think?” (March 1). He nev…

  • By Sal Moretti

Sad to see The Californian’s way of appeasing “conservative” readers complaining of “liberal” Danny Morrison’s controversial articles was to add an Inga Barks “conservative” controversial column. It’s a sign of the times that TBC’s “solution” to complaints about extremism on one side of the …

  • By Craig Garrett

A recent Community Voices article (“Defunding Planned Parenthood is anti-women,” March 2) wasn’t surprising at all in that the author was perturbed at Kevin McCarthy for not meeting with her at his office for a scheduled appointment, or offering her another appointment to discuss women’s rig…

  • By Alyssa Morones

For 250 years, the First Amendment has protected religious freedom in the United States. It’s vital to protect these rights for every citizen of any religion, both in the majority and the minority, not just because of a “bleeding heart” philosophy or calls for empathy or compassion, but beca…

  • By Daniel Parra

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office is poised to select a vendor to provide inmate phone services for its facilities. The general public may not be aware of the security breaches that can and have apparently occurred from phone systems placed in correctional facilities and the effect they could…

  • By Marylee Shrider

It’s hard to know where to begin with Danny Morrison’s recent column “You can be pro-life and pro-choice at the same time,” (Feb. 21) a piece whose all-over-the-map conclusions may cover his hinder with the pro-choice crowd, but can only be arrived at by denying the humanity of the unborn.

  • By Bob Smith

I am an advocate for good transportation infrastructure. I believe it is a good investment in the community and helps grow a diversified economy that benefits all of the community. California is simply not keeping up with necessary maintenance for our transportation system.

Inga Barks’ Feb. 9 column, “Huerta Foundation isn’t shooting straight with us,” reads more like a social media rant rather than a documented, researched newspaper essay. In falsely accusing the Dolores Huerta Foundation, her “source” turns out to be none other than Mike Williams and his Face…

  • By Christine Lollar

On an unusually cold January day in Bakersfield, 19-year-old Tamra stood in icy rain waiting to be picked up from her Kaiser appointment. She looked like any teenager — on her cell phone with a back pack over her shoulder — except that on her dripping wet, pale feet she wore only plastic pin…

  • By Daisy B. Peñaloza

Former President Obama’s revocation of the “wet foot/dry foot” policy would have been a welcome change were it not for the fact that he violated yet another U.S. law — the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act — in the process.

  • By Gerald Cantu

The past 50 years of U.S.-Cuban relations have been defined by Fidel Castro’s resistance to normalization. Bill Clinton was probably right when he said that Castro did not want an end to the embargo “because as long as he can blame the United States, then he doesn’t have to answer to his own…

  • Norm Haughness

As we’ve seen during his first few weeks in office, President Trump’s weaknesses have been exacerbated under the pressures of the job. His reliance on teleprompters and printed scripts to make fairly coherent addresses has become more noticeable, as his extempore rants increasingly shock and awe.

  • Patsy Ouellette

“President Trump’s plan to enlist local police and sheriff’s departments in immigration enforcement … leaves open the possibility that they would be required to inquire about immigration status of the people they encounter on the streets,” reported the LA Times Jan. 27, (Calif. Set for Showd…

  • By Tim Stormont

I am not surprised by Sheldon W. Helms’ reaction (Community Voices: Biological or social? Scientific evidence is clear, Jan. 23) to my letter published on Jan. 11. In fact my original letter to TBC included the sentence “If we truly had an open and honest discussion, the activist parts of ou…


I watched with dismay not long ago as rhino horns were set afire to discourage the hunting-to-extinction of the rhinoceros. Then I watched “The Jungle Book” with my grandkids and saw the elephants stampeding in all directions. I thought to myself: Just another day in American politics.

  • By Victor Hopper

A few weeks ago, I read an article in the East Bay Express stating that the Oakland Unified School District was the victim of the loose accountability and oversight of charter schools. The article stated that two charter schools within OUSD’s boundaries were closing due to lack of enrollment…

  • By Christopher Meyers

When merely a candidate, Donald Trump took great pride in being disruptive. As his first days in office reveal, however, disrupting is not the same as governing. A mere stroke of the pen, it turns out, does not mean a wall will be built, let alone paid for by Mexico. Nor does it mean that he…