• 'Bully bill' forces pregnancy centers to promote state-funded abortions

    Less than a year ago, the U.S. Supreme Court found that engaging in business doesn't demand the surrender of speech and faith freedoms. Still, that hasn't stopped a gaggle of state legislators from trying to impose on pregnancy centers a law mandating they promote abortion services

  • George Washington's deep self-doubt

    On Memorial Day weekend, it's instructive to remember that even great warriors sometimes question their own indispensability. -- Revolutions tend to get hijacked, going from being about the people to being about the triumphant revolutionary leaders. The French Revolution begat Napoleon, and

  • Proud of their WWII service, they opposed Vietnam

    This year, Memorial Day comes on the heels of two big anniversaries -- the 70th observance of V-E Day and the 45th of the evacuation of the U.S. embassy in Vietnam. Created after the Civil War as "Decoration Day" -- for the flowers decorating graves -- Memorial Day tends to evoke

  • Police should reflect communities they serve

    The logo on a police car's door may say "Serve and Protect," but recently high-profile cases have implicitly added "Punish" to the sign. That some officers lack empathy with minority citizens (and vice versa) is not news. The best correction for that would be to aggressively

  • KHSD correct in principal decision

    Kern High School District is correct in its decision regarding Jaime Quinonez. It stated he may not return to Mira Monte High School for reasons that are confidential. I think they have a right to remove Quinonez especially if he is not functioning at the level of the district's expectations.

  • She knew what she was getting into

    Whatever did Rachel Glauser, communications manager for Providence Strategic Consulting, expect when she showed up to hand out opposition fliers to attendees at an Anti-Privatization of the Kern County Libraries meeting put on by the Service Employees International Union at the Beale Memorial

  • HSR splits parcels

    Dennis Tope's letter on double-tracking existing rail right-of-way is right on. A double-track from the Bay Area over the Tehachapi Loop and into L.A. just makes sense. Amtrak and freight trains could coordinate together. No more trains waiting for the Tehachapi Loop to clear. The rail and

  • HSR needs its own track

    Some believe California's existing Amtrak tracks should be improved instead of building an entirely new high-speed rail system. They advocate increasing speed and frequency incorporating existing Amtrak operations, suggesting it would be more dollar wise to rehabilitate the existing than invest

  • As it appears we're smack dab in the middle of the 2016 presidential campaign announcement season, this might be the perfect time to ask the question on every American's lips: what kind of twisted psychopath chooses to do this? Who are these people that are so all fired up to enter this

  • Just say no to the NSA snooping

    Now that the U.S. House has voted to reform the government's sweeping telephone surveillance program, the Senate should quickly do the same. It's a first step in a long overdue examination of government snooping on Americans. A determination to keep the country safe from the growing threat

  • When health insurers try to play doctor, California patients suffer

    Some California health plans may be jeopardizing the health of patients living with a range of chronic conditions. In the name of cost containment, some plans have enacted policies whose impact is to delay or deny access to critical treatments. These policies may actually be driving up long-term

  • We need to keep intact our secular American government

    Another patriotic theocrat has tried to convince us that church and government are, or should be, married in an unholy alliance that would strip us of our rights and dignity. Tim Stormont ("Look to church for guidance, not progressive government," May 13) makes the argument that all we

  • Danny Morrison

    Ten actions that could put an end to senseless murders in our city

    Do I have the audacity to assume that my list could somehow catapult the city of Bakersfield into a homicide-free utopia, leaving the Bakersfield Police Department's homicide detail with nothing to do? No. That would require aggressive crime prevention techniques and divine intervention.

  • LETTER: Double-track the state

    Doesn't it seem ridiculous to build another rail line in the San Joaquin Valley when we already have an Amtrak line? If they want this new high-speed train zipping up and down California, why not double-track the existing rail right-of-way and in doing so, save farmland and the taxpayers of

  • LETTER: Answer the questions, Hillary

    How can Hillary Clinton expect to run for the presidency of the United States and not address any hard-hitting questions from the American press? These questions pertain to her history, an amazing increase in personal wealth and potential security breaches. We deserve straightforward answers

  • LETTER: Two-year sentence for cyclist's death ridiculous

    I am outraged that a hit-and-run driver who killed a bicyclist and also tried to obstruct justice by destroying evidence has only received two years in prison ("Victim's family upset with 2-year sentence for man who killed bicyclist," May 15). It is also "criminal" that the

  • OTHER VIEWS: Deny sanctuary to violent criminal motorcycle gangs

    The biker-gang shootout that left nine people dead in Waco, Texas, on Sunday marks an appalling new low in lawlessness. The fact that scores of rival bikers were welcomed to gather at a single location in a Mafia-style sitdown meeting suggests their hosts also have much to answer for. The Texas