• Konrad Moore serves as the appointed Public Defender for Kern County. His submission was made by individual (personal) capacity.

    Think libraries are underfunded now? Just wait

    Measure F, proposing an 1/8 cent sales tax increase, is hugely significant to those who care about our libraries. Even more important, the initiative’s fate will send a powerful message to Kern County leaders and department heads regarding the community’s willingness to pay

  • We need to think through restroom law

    There is a cartoon in the May 2 edition of The Californian that refers to the "bathroom law" in North Carolina as "bigotry.” I really think people should think this through more. Women, young ladies and little girls have been taught to always be aware of your surroundings. That goes

  • We've got the next Gerald Haslam somewhere

    As a volunteer at the Beale Library, I learned three things: First, people — lots of people — use the public library every day. Second, they do research, email, read magazines, search for ancestors, learn computer skills and just generally enjoy the library. Third, on weekends, families show up so

  • Even our supervisors should support Measure F

    David Couch, who is running for reelection to the Kern County Board of Supervisors, opposes Measure F, which would provide an adequate stable revenue stream for the Kern County libraries. For Couch to claim he is not opposed to libraries while offering no means of adequately supporting libraries is

  • Dean Florez, CPUC board member.

    No excuses for failing air quality grades; let’s move forward

    Nobody likes to come home with a disappointing report card, but recently that’s what we got when the American Lung Association gave the Central Valley a failing grade for its air quality. Five of the cities with the worst ozone levels and year-round fine particle pollution were in

  • Why I pick Donald Trump

    All politicians are beholden to some organizations and take care of themselves first: the best pensions, the best health care (not Obamacare), perks and liberal benefits. They promise a lot during elections (remember “Hope and Change”?) but do not deliver. Donald Trump is brash and unpolished but

  • FOR A COMMUNITY VOICES ARTICLE: Norm Haughness of Tehachapi, a philosopher and educator, wrote a longtime column for The Californian's sister publication, the Tehachapi News.

    Trump underscores shift from Left vs. Right to Up vs. Down

    In light of Donald Trump’s approval ratings in the 2016 primaries and caucuses thus far, American politics may require a reassessment of the continuing validity of its traditional dichotomy of Left versus Right. While to an extent the age-old economic tension between the have-nots of the Left and

  • Randal Beeman earned his Phd in Agricultural History and Rural Studies from Iowa State University. He is an Emeritus Professor of History at Bakersfield College.

    Opioids, 'pill mills' and the ongoing war on drugs

    When President Obama recently chose to highlight the national opioid addiction crisis, I couldn’t help but think that folks in this community hardly need a lecture on opioid addiction. Heroin has been a plague in parts of Kern County going back over a hundred years. The current crisis

  • Great experience for kids

    Someone in one of our local school districts is to be complimented. Approximately 40 kindergarteners got on an Amtrak train for a ride from Bakersfield to Wasco. They were well behaved (better than some adults, on occasion) and seemed to be enjoying a grand adventure. They experienced something few

  • Let's take care of geese

    How nice geese are safely crossing California and Mohawk avenues while motorists happily wait. I have seen otherwise. On Truxtun I have seen motorists deliberate hit babies and mom alike trying to cross, incensed at being delayed. The water is too close to this busy street. Surely something can

  • We've got a supportive local government

    I am always excited to participate in National Small Business week and look forward to this year’s events as highlighted in the article “Local Event to Salute Small Businesses.” As a local small business owner, I can personally attest to how valuable it is to operate in an area with a supportive

  • Angels to the rescue

    There are angels out there in the form of some beautiful young ladies. On April 21, I was resetting the water sprinklers in my front yard and I slipped and fell twice, the last time on the side of the pavement. Three young ladies got out of their cars and rushed to help me to my house. Neither my

  • Even off-duty, BPD helps

    Last Saturday, a very nice off-duty policeman unexpectedly helped me when my car had a bad blow-out type flat tire. He removed the useless tire and installed the temporary one. I didn’t get this nice man’s name but I hope he reads this and will know how grateful I am for his help. He certainly is a

  • Will Coggin is the research director for the Environmental Policy Alliance.

    Obama's federal land grab continues unabated

    With the stroke of a pen, President Obama roped off nearly 1.8 million acres of Southern California desert. Urged on by environmentalist groups, the move is just the latest taken by the president in his attempt to lock away federal lands from productive use. His authority comes from an obscure

  • Here's where you can put your reboot

    I agree with the premise of the April 22 article “Our welfare system needs a serious reboot” by Danny Morrison, but were of the things he didn't mention was childcare needs and the fathers who helped make this situation for single mothers. A woman cannot work without childcare at all but

  • We can't harvest from our own yard

    Note to all prospective mayors and any other politicians who mention jobs and new businesses in their candidate interviews: You can scratch that objective from your top-three list. If our city council can't harvest economic growth from its own backyard, any thought of our city appearing

  • Tom Frantz

    Weakening the Clean Air Act is a really bad idea

    I would like to thank Lois Henry for calling attention to HR4775, aka the Clean Air Act Modernization Bill, sponsored by our own Kevin McCarthy. For once, McCarthy is trying to move something that will dramatically affect the lives of all Kern County residents. Unfortunately, it is not in a good