• U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks in reaction to the shooting deaths of nine people at an African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina, from the podium in the press briefing room of the White House in Washington June 18, 2015. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

    Obama's eulogy points us to a path of grace

    The occasion, a funeral for a beloved man who was murdered, was tragic. The theme of grace that resonated throughout the eulogy delivered by President Barack Obama was anything but. The service Friday for South Carolina state Sen. Clementa Pinckney, pastor of Emmanuel AME Church, was steeped in

  • Supreme Court's white lie on Obamacare

    The GOP-majority Supreme Court saved President Barack Obama's bacon Thursday with a political ruling that papered over his signature Affordable Care Act. Writing for the majority in the 6-3 King v. Burwell decision, Chief Justice John Roberts noted that the 900-page law was written behind

  • Dr. Jared Salvo.

    Prevent another tragedy, teach CPR in high school

    How many more deaths from cardiac arrest does our community need before action is taken to change this grim reality? Every year there are almost 424,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in the United States, and of this figure an estimated 10,200 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happen to children.

  • Picking a woman who's right on the money

    America's been discussing women's influence on our nation's history, destiny and character. And we managed to talk about women's contributions for almost, oh, an entire quarter of an hour until the conversation veered back to men. Makes you proud, doesn't it? The topic under

  • Same-sex decision victory for tyranny

    Christians who foolishly thought that all the homosexuals wanted was tolerance are going to find out that they want much more. The Supreme Court Decision giving gays and lesbians the right to marry is only the beginning. Actually, they have already punished many of those who believe in

  • Americans need to learn to relax for relaxation's sake

    We ambitious strivers seeking guidance from fitness pros, decluttering experts and TED talks often find the day divided in two unequal parts. Three-quarters goes to overworking. The remaining quarter is for countering the ill effects of overworking. We do the latter not necessarily to nurture our

  • Don't politicize it

    First and foremost, my thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families of the victims in Charleston, S.C. I trust the victims themselves are now wrapped in the arms of our loving God. That being said, it is disappointing that the president of the United States finds it necessary to

  • The US and Russia need to back off the threats

    The situation along NATO's border with Russia, in the region of the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, remains dangerous in terms of a renewal of the U.S.-Soviet Cold War or, worse, an incident which could launch a hot war there. The three nations have reason to be concerned about

  • Thumbs up, thumbs down

    On a short, two mile drive on Sunday morning several things regarding water conservation, or lack of it, were quite evident. On the conservation side, it does appear that the city of Bakersfield is making an honest effort to cut its water usage in the medians and sidewalk areas. Thumbs up. Also,

  • We've all known a few Dylann Roofs in our day

    Let’s re-write the no-tax-increase pledge that Grover Norquist requires many politicians to sign. We adapt it to say, "I pledge that I will challenge any bigoted or hateful speech in any audience in which I am the presenter or spectator."

  • The majesty of the black church

    It shouldn't be a surprise that Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., has taken an unspeakable crime and made it the occasion for an astonishing Christian witness. In an unforgettable scene at the bond hearing last week for Dylann Roof, whose own uncle mused about

  • Back off on the nannying

    Lois Henry has an obsession that stirs up every year around the 4th of July. She wants to stop us bad boys from setting off fireworks. Most of us are responsible people who know the inherit dangers of fireworks, so why punish the majority of us for celebrating the 4th with some bright and noisy

  • Benefits of electric cars

    As a proud electric vehicle owner for almost two years I was glad to see your June 21 front page story, “Sparking Interest.” It did leave out a couple important advantages of EV's, however, No. 1 being the 120-plus MPGe (miles per gallon gasoline equivalent). I have gotten up to almost 200 MPGe.

  • We should be working hard for an acheiveable goal: no-kill shelters

    I’ve had a small shelter for cats in Lebec for nine years. It is part of a non-profit corporation called Cause4Cats. Our first cattery was built to shelter seven feral cats we trapped at a Lebec restaurant that had closed down. They were eating out of the dumpster there and one had a severely

  • Robert Price is The Californian's executive editor.

    SOUND OFF: Third-party corroboration of Grove story was missing

    Reader: I take exception to the article alleging that Assemblywoman Shannon Grove made a statement that the drought in California is the result of God's retribution for abortion ("Article quotes Assemblywoman Shannon Grove as blaming drought on God's anger over abortion," June 12).

  • In America, there is no sanctuary

    The main hall of a church is called a sanctuary. It is where you go to worship, to seek fellowship and solace, and commune with your maker. The dictionary definition of the word adds an additional layer of resonance. A sanctuary is where you are sheltered and protected. A sanctuary is where you

  • In some corners of US, lberal is no longer a dirty word

    Since the 1988 presidential campaign, when George H.W. Bush and Lee Atwater turned "Massachusetts liberal" into an epithet, the label has been tainted -- so much so that many liberals abandoned it for "progressive." But new polling shows a significant increase in the number of