Do you ever get hungry late at night? The last thing you want to do is cook. And you certainly don't want to hop in your car and drive somewhere to pick up food, considering you're probably in sweats and looking your worst. You don't want to risk running into someone you know, right?

What's the solution? A bowl of cereal?

Not any more, because UberEATS is coming to Bakersfield.

UberEasts, an on-demand food delivery app and website that delivers you the food you're craving, will bring breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We reached out to Uber for more details and were told there's no launch date yet. It's still in the very early stages of planning.

However, you can make UberEATS better. The company is asking those in Bakersfield in a three-question survey for their input on which restaurants it should partner with.

So if you would like Sequoia, Rio or any other specific food delivered to your door, let Uber know.