Three people have been arrested in connection with the August burglary of a local business, according to law enforcement.

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office said its Kern County substation received an alert at around 3:37 a.m. on Aug. 24 of an alarm going off at Mesa Clinical Pharmacy in Mountain Mesa, an unincorporated area near Lake Isabella. When deputies arrived, they found that medication had been stolen from the business.

By 7:15 that morning, deputies learned that 20-year-old Tyler Allen may have been involved in the theft. Deputies contacted Allen at a residence in the 6500 block of Grace Avenue in Mt. Mesa.

The department said he was found to be in possession of some of the stolen meds. Allen was arrested and booked into the Kern County Jail on suspicion of burglary.

During the investigation, the Sheriff’s Office learned of other possible suspects in the burglary. Deputies contacted 19-year-old Phillip McFee on Aug. 29 at his residence in the 6400 block of Lynch Canyon Road and, based on their discussion with McFee, determined that there was probable cause to arrest him.

The following day, deputies conducted a search warrant at another residence in the same block. The department said deputies found some of the stolen medication and evidence of burglary.

Another residence at Diedrich Road in Wofford Heights was also searched. More stolen property was found there.

Deputies arrested 53-year-old Lena Garcia and booked her in the jail on suspicion of being an accessory to burglary and possessing narcotics for sale.

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I would love for the MEDIA to post how ALLEN was in the er with a drug overdose and that is proof in itself who did this and how he is turning on others to lessen his sentence. Kern County Sherriffs department needs to focus on the true crack heads and herion addicts in valley and not on people like Garcia. And all you wanna be prosecutors.. what law school did you graduate from? School of judgement... Nice


Whether or not the building was up to code or not does not give people the right to break in and steal. Nor does it give people the right to receive known stolen property and try to sell it.Its absolutely ridiculous to say the hospital should be on trial because some lawbreaking citizen decides to target them. I dont know where you are getting your information but I dont know of any pharmacies in Kern County that have gates blocking the entraces and exits, except perhaps in the heavily crime ridden areas which Mt. Mesa is not. Nor do I find any information that states audiable alarms are required, suggested yes, but not required. It seems as if you want to blame the pharmacy for your friends or family that broke in and got caught. If the other people you mention took the items to destroy them then they would have, and if they werent aiding and abetting the other person then they would have called the police themselves.


Sadly you are mistaken within this comment. Lake Isabella has and always had an issue with drug and crime that progressively has gotten out of control. The forestry service has been deputized in order to aid an inadequate police department. Mind you this police department has in this year had some of their own fall victim to crime and drugs while on the job. They did not conduct this case with the grave care and detail it needed in order to bring justice on these suspects, of which only one is fully guilty and two alleged in this crime. This hospital on a daily basis receives patients that have adverse reactions to street drugs. So yes, a double wide trailer, with no cameras, and alarm that does not alert the police but instead the hospital, that has a security that is on call and doesn’t respond, that send staff to investigate not once but twice, has an alarm which is to be audible and fails to be, yes they are aiding a community. The main reason they wish for this neglect to be withheld is due to the fact that they are federally funded and as federal code this pharmacy was not to code and their funding would be revoked. My insight is not one that should be depicted, but plainly just one that wishes to bring justice for those who have and are being treated unjustly.


This pharmacy is not up to code. There are no working cameras, (or camera footage of this incident) the alarm is to be auidable, (of which it was not) it is held in a double wide trailer with no added security, (aka gates blocking entrances and exits) the security guard was not to be found and resulted in the hospital staff to proceed to the pharmacy to investigate. Since this incident the KVHD hospital has applied for a grant to better their security measure. (Said security measures should have been in place to start with) The police department has been antagonizing to 2 suspects in question due to their lack of skill and professionalism. Their case rest on the statement from the suspect who was first arrested due to a drug overdose of the medication stolen from the pharmacy. The stolen property was taken to the other suspects property by Tyler to be destroyed due to his unlawful acts. The hospital should be on trail for aiding a ill community with such easy access to controlled substances.

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