The Kern River may be the culprit behind a sinkhole that damaged several cars Sunday and will snarl traffic on Truxtun Avenue at the Westside Parkway onramp for at least the next week.

No one was injured but two cars had to be towed away.

The sinkhole opened up about 4 p.m. Sunday and crews were still trying to figure out exactly where the water was coming from Sunday evening.

A quick chlorine test told them it wasn't drinking water so the water wasn't coming come from a water main.

Their best guess was the swollen Kern River, according to Bakersfield Public Works Director Nick Fiddler, who was at the scene Sunday.

"We're thinking it's coming from the northeast, so that's the direction of river," Fiddler said. "But this is the lowest sag of Truxtun so it could be the water table that's coming up."

Testing along 24th street last week showed the water table at 14 or 15 feet, Fiddler said.

Crews will be testing all around the area and along the river bank to figure out the sinkhole water's origin.

The water was definitely moving and had gouged out a significant amount of rock and sand.

Right now, it's going into a nearby storm water vault where pumps are lifting it out and into the river.

Fiddler said they would be monitoring the situation to see if the water rises.



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There were three cars involved I was the third to go in the hole and all three had to be towed I had private tow.

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