Driving home from a karaoke event the evening of Jan. 20, Herbert Mallory Jr. struck a 15-year-old girl who was crossing North Chester Avenue at Decatur Street, according to court documents. 

Mallory continued on his way home, the documents say. The teen, Erica Faith Truman, was taken to Kern Medical Center, where she died an hour later. 

Questioned by California Highway Patrol investigators, Mallory, 61, said he didn't stop because he didn't know what he'd hit. Investigators noted another motorist tried to stop him as he drove off.

Why didn't he stop for that person? Partly due to the area where the collision occurred, according to his statement to investigators. 

"He did not stop because it's Oildale and he thought it was just a crazy person," a CHP investigator wrote. "He also mentioned there are 'tweakers' everywhere and people running across the street."

Arrested Jan. 21 — the day after the collision — Mallory was charged last month with hit and run resulting in death. He posted bond and is out of custody, and a court date has not been set.

According to court documents, Truman ran west across the southbound lanes of North Chester directly in the path of Mallory's gray Ford Ranger. Mallory had a green light. 

As he drove off, another motorist who witnessed the collision said she followed him and tried to stop him, according to the documents. She got a partial license plate. 

The next morning, CHP investigators found a possible address for the Ford Ranger thanks to the license plate information. Upon arriving at Mallory's home, an officer saw a gray Ford Ranger with a camper shell parked in the driveway.

The truck had damage to its front, and evidence taken from the crash scene "matched perfectly" with the pickup's grille, according to the documents.

Mallory said he left a karaoke event at Thirsty's Sports Pub the night before and was driving south on North Chester approaching Decatur when he "suddenly felt an impact," the documents say he told investigators. He said he had no idea what he hit, and was surprised to find damage to the truck when he got home.

He said he doesn't drink or do drugs, but was in a hurry to get home and take insulin because he's a diabetic, according to the documents. He said he didn't think to call 911.

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