Kern High School District Trustee Jeff Flores has raised more than $21,000 for his re-election bid, some of it from construction outfits the district has dealings with, campaign finance filings show.

Sierra Club members and other backers of Proposition 67 gathered in front of a mammoth inflatable turtle and a pile of grocery bags at Emmanuel Lutheran Church Friday pushing for voters to support a statewide initiative that would ban plastic bags from supermarkets.

Making a recommendation about a ballot initiative is not the same as handicapping a race. Even when the polls seem to indicate voters’ strong support, it is sometimes necessary to swim against the political tide.

California has more billionaires than any other state, and an abundance of direct democracy. Those two facts intersect during election season, when spending by wealthy donors helps determine which initiatives make it on the ballot, and how many TV commercials and mailers campaigns can buy.

Sex and money. What more could catch your attention when sorting through the many candidates and measures on this November’s huge ballot? How about also worker safety and the control of sexually-transmitted diseases? All of that is at stake with Proposition 60, an initiative that would requi…

With California now having one of the nation’s lowest tax rates on cigarettes, the state is long overdue for a raise. Proposition 56 on the November ballot proposes to add a $2 state tax to buying a pack of cigarettes. The rate would be somewhat higher for other tobacco products. And for the…

A deal is a deal, right? When California voters passed Proposition 30 in 2012, Gov. Jerry Brown promised that the sales and income tax increases it authorized would be temporary, short-term stopgaps to prop up the state’s recession-battered budget.

Representing the people of California should not be done in secret. It should not be done thoughtlessly. But that is what often happens at the end of legislative sessions, when politicians meet behind closed doors, “gut and amend” legislation, and then ask their colleagues to vote “yes” on s…

NEW YORK (Reuters) - An artists' collective took credit for exposing Donald Trump to unflattering scrutiny on Thursday, saying it was responsible for a life-sized nude statue of the Republican presidential candidate that turned up in a New York City park.

Former state Sen. Tony Strickland, the California chairman of a Donald Trump super PAC, visited the Kern County Raceway on Thursday to officially launch the energy shot TrumpStart — but said there’s no immediate plan to hold a Trump rally at the raceway.

Former Kern County Supervisor Karen Goh, who ultimately passed former homebuilder Kyle Carter in the June mayoral primary to narrowly claim the No. 1 spot, continued to out-fundraise him in June by a small margin.

Rep. David Valadao, R-Hanford, is distancing himself from presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Nearly three years after a referendum on Bakersfield’s pot shop prohibition went, well, up in smoke, supporters of an initiative to replace the ban with state regulations are confident their measure will make the November ballot.

It’s not often that interest groups call out public officials by their race, but as environmentalists evaluated state lawmakers’ voting records last year, that is just what they did.