Police have seized three cellphones and are examining them for possible photos or video in connection with an alleged drunken driving incident that resulted in the death of Centennial High School student Clayton Boen, according to recently filed search warrants. 

The 16-year-old died the night of Jan. 14 after falling out of a car that was turning west onto Michelle Madison Way from Renfro Road, police said. 

Boen was sitting improperly in the silver Honda Civic, police said, with his torso "extending out of the open window" when he was thrown from the vehicle as it turned. 

Officers have seized Boen's phone, the phone of the driver, Brendan Lampshire, 17, and the phone of a second passenger, Zachary Jaime, according to the warrants. Police are examining the phones for evidence of alcohol consumption on the part of Lampshire as well as possible footage of the incident, the warrants state.

Other than the warrants, authorities have not publicly named Lampshire as the driver because he's a minor, and prosecutors have said they can't comment on whether charges have been filed.

According to the warrants, Lampshire admitted to drinking alcohol, and he "displayed objective symptoms of alcohol intoxication."