Bakersfield loves the American flag.

Californian Chief Photographer Felix Adamo posted on Facebook Thursday photos of a dirty and tattered American flag flying atop the patriotic mural at the corner of 20th and Eye streets in downtown Bakersfield.

The photos drew outrage on social media, as you'll see from the comments below.

Adamo reached out to Cathy Butler of the Downtown Business Association on Friday and she said the organization will replace the flag and the pole holding it up Monday. She said the DBA has had to change the flag three or four times.

The news will make a lot of people happy, given these sentiments on Facebook:

Gus Belmont: "Kinda symbolic of the condition of the nation, especially now that we are being made 'great again.'"

Karen Galyan: "So The Bakersfield Californian is posting (this), does this mean they will take responsibility to make sure a new flag is placed and the tattered one retired or are they just posting to incite folks? Hmmm."

Jennifer Savoeun: "This flag needs to be retired properly immediately. I can't believe it's being flown in this condition."

Daniel Cariker: "It’s actually illegal to fly the flag in that condition."

Stevina Lea: "I honestly think as an art piece it looks amazing that way, but as an American I feel it needs to be replaced to show respect for our country."

Kathy Akers Stewart: "Is that flag part of the mural, showing soldiers during war raising the tattered flag?"

Wendy Hale: "That is completely disrespectful!"

Marie Calderon: "Please allow the Boy Scouts to properly retire the flag!!"

Cee Cee Howell: "Wow. Who is in charge of maintenance of this mural and flag?"

Kirk Sunderman: "All public flags should have a retirement schedule ... usually between three and six months?"

Sandy Surber: "Our flag should NEVER be flown in that condition."

Larry Parris: "Wouldn't the Downtown Business Association or the owner of the building the flag is on be responsible and take care of this?"

Brad McConnell: "Fix that."

Chris Cora Gallion: "Contact the VFW. They should come out and put up a new one and take the old."

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