Off the Press

Off the Press hosts James Burger, Bakersfield Californian reporter, Nicole Parra, former assemblywoman and political science professor at Cal State Bakersfield, and Russell Johnson, former Bakersfield city councilman and current government affairs consultant.


Politics in 2016 was a wild affair in Kern County, filled with upsets, nasty television advertisements, vicious Facebook posts and tense waits as final ballot counts came in.

This Wednesday at 1 p.m., The Californian’s Off the Press political show will put a Christmas bow on all the ups and downs of this election year.

Californian reporter James Burger and government affairs consultant Russell Johnson will host an election wrap-up edition of the online talk show streaming live on

They’ll talk about the election’s aftermath and discuss how the winners and losers might change the course for Kern County, the city of Bakersfield and the Central Valley.

Tops on the list of likely topics are:

• What a Donald Trump presidency will hold for Kern County;

• How Mayor-elect Karen Goh claimed victory over Kyle Carter and what she’ll do in office;

• How the dramatic losses of incumbent Bakersfield City Council members Terry Maxwell and Harold Hanson will change the city;

• And the nasty battle for the 21st Congressional District between Rep. David Valadao, R-Hanford, and Bakersfield attorney Emilio Huerta.

Tune in at to watch live and look for the show online after it airs.

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