Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue had filled an RV with more than 40 cats and dogs from Texas as of Tuesday, far surpassing its goal, according to a Facebook post.

"I did not think we were going to be able to save 40 animals," said Zach Skow, founder and executive director at Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue, in a Facebook Live video.

Skow and a group of volunteers rescued close to 30 dogs, including 10 pit bulls and one pup with just one eye, as well as 10 to 15 cats.

“That’s why we came out here ... to help save the bullies,” Skow said. “So many bullies were being put to sleep to make room for people’s dogs who were being reunited.”

The local nonprofit left for Texas late last week to help rescue animals in shelters affected by Hurricane Harvey. The organization wanted to help relieve overcrowding in Texas animal shelters; that way misplaced pets would have a place to go, and hopefully be able to reunite with their families in Texas.

“That’s what’s really special to us. To create some space so that people can be reunited with their dogs,” Skow said.

In a video on the organization’s Facebook page, Skow shows the inside of an RV filled with kennels stacked on top of each other, each occupied by a rescued animal.

On Wednesday, the group headed to El Paso Texas to transport some of the pets to Animal League of El Paso. The group plans to also bring some of the pets to Kern County.

Throughout its journey to Texas, the group met up with comedian and rescue advocate Kikki Glaser, who donated $2,000 of her own money to the organization, as well as all of the proceeds made at one of her comedy shows. That came to another $3,000.

The group has been driving for 16 hours a day for almost a week, according to social media accounts, to different shelters in cities such Houston, Fort Stockton and Phoenix. And with each day of traveling, the group stops for bathroom breaks and walks for the pets to avoid accidents.

Skow said, “I’m really proud of what we were able to accomplish.”

To care for the animals coming to Kern County, Marley's Mutts is trying to raise $5,000. If the organization reaches its goal, a donor will match it. 

If you wish to donate, head to Marley's Mutts Facebook page

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