Remember Roger Logan?

He’s the guy from Mississippi who traveled cross country earlier this year to have a 140-pound benign tumor excised from his body at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, after years of agony.

Some doctors told him it was “just fat,” and others said it was nearly inoperable. Surgeon Vipul Dev took on the challenge.

So Logan, relegated at the time to an oversized armchair, had the recliner bolted to the floor of a cargo van and took the long trip to Bakersfield to be unshackled from what had become a very heavy anchor dangling between his legs.

The Californian reported on Logan, and he became an instant international sensation; his story was told and re-told by news outlets all over the globe.

Now he’s having his story told again by the Discovery Channel during an episode of “Body Bizarre,” airing 6 p.m. Friday.

And later this year, Logan will likely make his return to Bakersfield for some reconstructive surgery for injuries caused by the tumor’s weight, Logan’s wife, Kitty Fields Logan, said.

This time, he’ll probably travel sans armchair.

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