Remember last year when Kern High School District wanted to spend almost $400,000 on a public relations contract to help improve its image?

Well, the district isn’t spending quite that much, but it is seeking to hire another person for its existing communications department who would earn about $120,000 annually. 

The district advertised the job for a Supervising Administrator of School and Community Relations this week. That administrator would oversee current Public Information and Communications Manager Lisa Krch, who earns roughly $98,000.

“As we grow, not just in size, but in the number of diverse programs we offer, we want to ensure that we continue to effectively and efficiently communicate with all our community partners,” Krch said in a statement when asked about the position. “By restructuring the current position of School Community Liaison, which was recently vacated due to a promotion, and working closely with me (the current Public Information Officer), we are streamlining many of our existing communication efforts to support our school sites and our parents.”

The job opportunity, which would bolster the communications department, comes after months of negative headlines the district has attracted as it braces for multiple lawsuits related to its follies with the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System. One chief has filed a lawsuit and two others have filed government claims alleging whistleblower retaliation. 

The new administrator’s job duties would include working with media, students, parents and the community “to support a positive district image” and developing and implementing a “comprehensive communications plan.”

That plan would include communications practices, professional development strategies for employees, crisis communications, communicating about school events, working with the press, and other special initiatives.

It also includes coordinating responses for media inquiries and California Public Records Act requests.

Qualifications required include having an administrative credential on file with KHSD’s human resources division, meaning it’s likely the district would hire from within.

​Harold Pierce covers education and health for The Californian. He can be reached at 661-395-7404. Follow him on Twitter @RoldyPierce

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This is clearly another inside hack to help with their insulation scheme, as well line the pockets of one of their insider applicants . I would be willing to bet every penny I have that this position is already spoken for , by another crime administrator . What a waste of funds , shoring out kids out of resources !!


Hiring another layer to improve their ability to coverup their ineptness. Cmon Trusteest , your problems are lack of effective and honest leadership!


So instead of focusing upon administrative errors and weed out those who promote and function in secrecy, khsd now wants to pay a person to cloak them in darker secrecy, teach employees to abide by the secrecy, and really attempt to alter/ influence those who reveal the dysfunction within administration? Teach administrators to communicate better, expect administrators to address matters with administrative knowledge, correct administrative staff action or INACTION not others....deflecting, deflecting, deflecting


Here's a better idea. Fire the entire Administration of buffoons and start over. Then you wont have to hire people to cover your tracks. Anytime a School District needs an image change, they simply need new leadership.

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