Hundreds of people took to the streets on Saturday with signs in hand expressing their desire for change when it comes to gun control.

People of all ages met up at Yokuts Park, then marched down Empire Drive to Truxtun Avenue. Participants lined the sidewalk on Truxtun showing off their homemade signs that included phrases such as “gun control now” and “enough is enough.”

The march, organized by a few teens from Golden Valley High School, was part of a nationwide movement on Saturday that drew more than 1 million people advocating for stricter gun laws in light of school shootings such as the one last month at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida that left 17 dead.

“You guys should all be proud of yourselves for coming out here and for fighting for the kids that are in school right now,” Cindy Lopez, one of the organizers of the Bakersfield event, said prior to the start of the march. “We need change and we need it now.”

High school students Brianna Alcaraz and Elizabeth Reyes were just a few of the many teens and children that participated in the march.

“Even though this march likely won’t have an effect nationwide just yet, we just want to start small within our community and make a difference,” Alcaraz said. “Hopefully, it will get our political leaders thinking, ‘Hey, these are people that really want a change.’”

Change includes a desire to raise the legal age to own a gun from 18 to 21 years old. Marchers also are seeking more stringent background checks and some wish for a ban of semi-automatic and automatic weapons.

Reyes said that while in the past she never thought that a shooting could happen at school, seeing the increased frequency of shootings nationwide has made her more fearful and inspired her to take action.

“We don’t want this to happen to us or our friends,” she said. “No one wants to go through that. We’re tired of seeing the mass shootings.”

Valeria Garcia, an adult who attended the march, said she believes it’s the youth’s involvement in the gun control discussion this time that is having a greater impact and is urging more people to get involved.

“I absolutely love and adore that the students themselves are creating this movement,” she said. “We often undermine the ideas of teenagers, but I love that they are springing to action, essentially putting millions of people together across the United States.”

Lorena Torres came with her children to the march in support of stricter gun laws because she wants a safer school environment for them.

“I have kids in school and I’m afraid of what could happen to them,” she said. “When I was in school, we didn’t even really have to worry about lockdowns. Now, it’s become the norm.”

Regina Waggoner, a teacher with the Greenfield Union School District, said she’s frustrated with the fact that despite all of the school shootings that have happened over the years, there has been talk about reform by political leaders but little action.

“Everybody is praying and saying they’re sorry but nobody is doing anything,” she said. “How many kids have to die, how many have to be murdered before somebody does something instead of just saying, ‘Sorry, we want to pray for you’?”

Waggoner said she believes there’s a misconception among those who oppose gun control that those in favor of it want to take everyone’s guns away. She said that’s not the case for most who advocate for stricter gun laws.

“We’re not saying we don’t want there to be any guns, but there’s no reason for a semi-automatic weapon to be readily available for purchase,” she said. “My family are avid hunters, and they will tell you there’s no need to have an automatic weapon. Those are designed strictly for killing people.”

Waggoner said she’s hopeful that with teens getting involved in the gun control debate this time around, it will spark real change for the country.

“Finally the youth are standing up and being heard,” she said. “In just a few years, they’re going to be the ones voting, and they need to vote for change. They’re the ones who need to start it now.”

Joseph Luiz can be reached at 661-395-7368. Follow him on Twitter: @JLuiz_TBC.

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" . . .enough is enough.”! Yep, enough overlooking and ignoring the MENTAL (not 'Metal') state, i.e.,--evil of those who harbor harmful thoghts and/or grudges against those innocents beyond belief, even though recognized for many months, even years. The Second Amendment is specific in its full context as "arms" (weapons) for defense (militia) . . .and not just for 'hunting' provisions (meat) to survive . . .!

And you all know that! Yes . . .all of you . . . young and old alike . . .! Especially as you became or become "eligible" for SELECTIVE SERVICE registration at the tender (or not so 'tender') age of EIGHTEEN, not TWENTY-ONE. Looking for a gov job . . .? Gotta register with SelServ FIRST . . .! Why . . ?



Meanwhile, 11 high school age kids are killed every day texting and driving. Why aren't they marching about that? It's almost comical to see one of the students in the photo texting while she is marching. That phone in her hand is much, much more likely to take her life than the millions of guns in the safes of NRA members....


The whole rant about taking the 2nd amendment away is ridiculous. As is we don't need gun laws because criminals get guns. A million people a day run red lights in New York city. So, because laws are broken we should not have traffic lights? The analogy about traffic deaths is also lame. Of course you shouldnt be able to get a Stinger, and of course if youre a scizophrenic you shouldnt get anything at all. Who disagrres with that. The debate is control, not elimination


What control would you like? Laws against killing school kids with guns? How about a law banning guns on school grounds?? How about a law banning guns withing 1000 ft of a school?? Would that help?? Just what gun control would you like that would make you more comfortable??


No matter how much gun control is adopted and enforced the guns will still be out there along with the nuts that will use them to kill and shoot up schools. Thank you America for taking me from an upstanding law abiding citizen to a criminal with all the laws.


These "students" need to be educated and told the truth. The chance of being killed by a firearm is much less than being killed while driving in a car (41,000 deaths in 2016) or from a drug overdose (61,000 in 2016) . Why not march against cars or illegal drugs?


I’ll consider some of this none sense when hey stop taking money from soros, Obama’s foundation and the Hollywood looks like Clooney pay there own way to these marches.


They can march all they want. Gun control won't happen. Look at all the weapons that kill more people than guns ever have. These people are not educated. They couldn't even pass a civics class. Our schools and Govt officials have made them dummies. These are our future? To scary. They cannot even wipe their noses.


Ok, so people want to raise the legal age to purchase a long gun to 21 yrs of age. Okay, raise the voting age to 21 and I’ll support the idea.

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