The music is Frank Sinatra- or maybe George Jetson-cool. The graphics pop with a retro '60s feel.

But the video images are all Bakersfield After Dark.

Visit Bakersfield — formerly known as the Bakersfield Convention & Visitor Bureau — has produced a dynamic video to promo the city's vibrant downtown nightlife. And it's, er ... kind of groovy.

Released Monday on VB's Facebook page, the one-minute video starts with a pleasurable punch in the jazz, as classy, brassy swing music sets the tone, and geometric graphics frame the scene.

The star of the show is downtown Bakersfield's nightlife.

"I was just going for that vibe, that old-school, good-time kind of thing," said Joe Simpson, Visit Bakersfield's marketing guy.

"This is the city," the graphics inform. "Bakersfield, California. The place for entertainment."

"He did it all on his phone," the agency's manager, David Lyman, said of Simpson. "In our videos, we're trying to show people the experience."

Show rather than tell.

There's no voice-over, no deep baritone describing a city "at the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley."

It's simple. Categories of music; comedy; drinks and dancing; and pubs, dives, nightclubs & taverns are each followed by video images of adults doing exactly those things in places like Tiki-Ko, Silver Fox, Padre Hotel, Guthrie's Alley Cat, Riley's Tavern and Sandrini's Public House.

Then the whole video is wrapped up by Visit Bakersfield's tagline: "More to explore."

"I'm impressed by the video marketing efforts they are doing," said Don Martin, owner of downtown's Metro Galleries. "I do similar for my business and my clients I represent. The short videos I have seen so far are an excellent way to share the positive things happening in downtown Bako."

A second video, released a few weeks ago, focuses on things to do in Bakersfield for children, presented slightly tongue-in-cheek as a child's storybook.

A third video is in the can and is expected to be released soon, Lyman said. They are targeted toward both city residents and visitors from out of the area.

Showing out-of towners how much fun they can have in Bakersfield is the name of the game. And when they spend, it's good for gas stations, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and the local economy as a whole.

The new videos reflect a city that bears little resemblance to the Bakersfield of Johnny Carson jokes and snide, snob references. Visitors are coming, Lyman said, in ever greater numbers.

"People come to Bakersfield and they leave money behind," Lyman said. "It's great."

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