Having gone without one for two days, Eldrick Richmond was determined to take a shower the morning of Oct. 14.

The 52-year-old had invited a woman he'd just met into his motel room — for conversation and some "friendly" crystal methamphetamine smoking — but all he really wanted was a shower and a nap, according to statements he made to police in court documents.

But before he could do either, he caught the woman going through his belongings, Richmond told police. He said he told her to stop, but she refused and grabbed a stick.

A struggled ensued, and Richmond hit her three or four times in the face and wrestled the stick away from her, he told police. They continued to fight and rolled on the floor as she kicked and screamed.

He placed his forearm on her throat.

"Lady, I am here to help, stop, just stop all this," Richmond said he told the woman.

She stopped moving, and he got up and finally took the shower. Afterward, he noticed she hadn't moved and realized she was dead.

He called police, who arrived to find him brushing his teeth on the second floor balcony of the Town and Country Motel.

Court documents said Richmond told them, "She came at me with a stick so I defended myself, I took a shower and called you guys. Can I smoke a cigarette?"

Charged with murder, Richmond is being held on $1 million bail with a court hearing early next year. He has multiple prior convictions, including a 1999 conviction for spousal abuse. 

Questioned by police, Richmond said he becomes violent when violence is used against him, according to court documents. He said he has taken anger management classes.

Richmond said he had planned to buy the woman food, according to the documents. He said he did not engage in sex acts with her, nor did he want to, although he believed she was a prostitute. 

He described the woman, whose name has not been released, as being in a rage and determined to get money from him, the documents said. Using a mannequin, he showed how he choked the woman using his forearm, and said he at one point put both his hands around her neck. 

Asked why he didn't leave the room instead of fighting her, Richmond said he was "thinking about just getting a shower," the documents said. 

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