KNZR talk radio personality Jaz McKay refers to himself as "God-fearing, gun-toting, and flag-waving."

Should he add "tongue-slipping" to the mix?

McKay, KNZR's top-rated local host who has been at the station going on 11 years, has a history of getting himself into hot water. And judging by the outrage he generated on Facebook Thursday night and Friday morning, he's again facing some heat after he used the racial epithet "spic" to describe Spanish-language music on the radio.

It all started at about 9:50 p.m. Thursday. McKay was shooting a Facebook Live video from inside his parked car, pointing out in dismay the large number of Spanish radio stations crowding the radio dial. He occasionally described them as "Messican."

He was scanning the radio dial, pointing out one station after another. Then he paused.

"Am I, am I getting to you?" he said. Then he dropped the S-bomb.

"More spic ... um, excuse me, more Mexican music," he said.

Soon afterward, U.S. Army combat veteran Chad Garcia responded with his own Facebook post. Garcia, himself a former KNZR talk radio host who also did a stint producing McKay's show, was clearly disgusted by McKay's behavior.

"DEAR BAKERSFIELD," Garcia posted.

"I give you the REAL Jaz McKay from KNZR referring to Mexican radio as “spic” radio. This is a clip recorded from his Facebook Live video, which, no doubt will be deleted soon."

He is the self proclaimed “King” of local talk radio," Garcia said of McKay. "Bakersfield can do better than this."

In a private message, Garcia said, "This is why I left his show and ultimately KNZR. I complained five times to management."

Reached Friday morning, McKay chalked up the incident to a slip of the tongue.

"I must have slipped and said something I shouldn't have said," he told The Californian. "I apologize if I offended anybody."

If the Facebook comments are any indication, McKay offended many.

"I wonder how the local businesses who he advertises for, are going to feel about his derogatory comments towards the Hispanic community," commented Miguel Chavez.

"How is this sorry (expletive) not fired," replied Tom Sweat.

"He sounds drunk," wrote Connie H. Lindley.

"Send me this full video so I can let my friends at Alpha Media Group know they have a RACIST that works for them!" said Lorenzo Lerma.

"The cheese has slipped off his cracker," cracked Ezzy Thomas.

Some heaped shame on KNZR for choosing ratings over integrity.

One woman said she left a message for the station manager saying she will no longer be listening.

Last spring, Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood suspended McKay's permit to carry a concealed firearm after the radio personality admitted he went too far with a post on social media when he wrote, in part, "I am about to go mid-evil on somebody's ass. I am getting pretty damned fed up and getting ready to open a 30 round mag on you people."

McKay said at the time he was simply "talking smack," and was not threatening to harm anyone. But he acknowledged it was a mistake.

"That was stupid and beyond the pale," he told a TBC Media reporter.

Two messages left for KNZR General Manager Mary Lou Gunn were not immediately returned Friday.