All week long, Bakersfield High School students have taken to the corner of California Avenue and H Street waving signs and hollering for traffic — but they’re not protesting. They’re sprinkling kindness.

The demonstrations are part of a national “happiness sprinkling” movement, said Jennifer Thompson, a BHS English teacher who has twice taken her students to the street corner this week.

“They were a little unsure before we came out the first time, but by the end of class, they asked, ‘can we do that again?’” Thompson said.

Their signs flaunt motivational sayings.

“You are loved.”

“Life is good.”

“Trust yourself.”

And when students take to the streets, motorists respond, honking, waving and cheering as they drive by the busy street. Even passing Bakersfield Police Department cruisers have been sounding their horns for the kids.

The exercise is a team effort, Thompson said. Teachers have been volunteering to take classes out each period, every period, all week.

The concept goes right along with the Kern High School District’s emphasis on social and emotional learning, Thompson said. The kindness demonstrations have been helping students bond, and could help them create better relationships with one another on campus, she added.

Student Saul Ramirez said he hopes that the simple gesture helps alleviate anything negative in the lives of passersby and brings “good, positive vibes.”