Responding to a dearth of homegrown public health specialists and an expanding lack of community literacy in health issues, Bakersfield College launched a Public Health Sciences transfer degree this year with plans to add a certificate program within months.

At a table set up at Independence High School’s gym Thursday, sophomore Jocelyn Serrano showed eighth graders how to play a game that looks a bit like beer pong, but replaces Coors Light with Diet Coke and challenges students to answer difficult science questions when they land a ping pong b…

The Kern County Superintendent of Schools office and Bakersfield City School District will host two job fairs downtown next month for prospective educators for the largest gathering of school district recruiters in one location.

Kern High School District trustees have a packed agenda Monday night, considering a comprehensive sexual education program one trustee has reservations about; a multi-million dollar land purchase; and whether student athletes should get a pass on PE class.

Bloody lesions and sores pocked the leg of a man slung up in a hospital bed. Next to him, a woman struck with diarrhea and extreme fatigue became so tired that she passed out and fell, gashing her head. Across from her, a woman bit by a goat was covered with vomit and blood.

David Paul Edmiston, an acting Kern High School District police chief accused of surreptitiously recording his officers, pled not guilty in Kern County Superior Court Wednesday to four counts of misdemeanor eavesdropping.

More than 250 students who rose through their school, district and regional competitions presented their interpretations of a published literary work during the 46th annual Kern County Oral Language Festival Saturday at Stonecreek Junior High School.

The Kern High School District and its insurers paid more than $11.7 million last year to settle legal disputes over a wide range of issues, from special education students alleging they received inadequate education to somebody struck by a district vehicle, according to settlements reviewed …

Bracing for an economic recession and citing uncertainty about the future, Gov. Jerry Brown is proposing only a small boost in K-12 spending this year — a turnaround from the previous few years.

The governor's call this week to delay spending of Proposition 51 state school bond funding until rules for spending it are more equitable to small districts is irking local school leaders in growing districts that desperately need the money.

Bakersfield City School District trustees voted 3-0 Thursday to appoint a new board member to replace Andrae Gonzales, the 34-year-old rising star in the local Democratic Party who was elected to the Bakersfield City Council in November.

Mitch Carter, the former Bakersfield High School senior who infamously donned a chicken costume during a 2010 pep rally and then got pummeled by his teammates, gave up almost half his $10.5 million settlement to pay legal fees, according to documents reviewed by The Californian.

The Bakersfield City School District Education Foundation is seeking four volunteers to serve on its 18-member board of directors, officials announced Wednesday.

For more than 20 years, the Kern High School District maintained a robust sexual education program that was praised locally, regarded as a national model and pointed to by public health officials as the reason HIV and AIDS rates were plummeting among teens.

The Kern County Board of Education voted unanimously Tuesday to confirm Mary Barlow, the county’s associate superintendent, as the next Kern County Superintendent of Schools when Christine Lizardi Frazier retires next month.

Castle STEAM Academy, Panama-Buena Vista Union School District’s ambitious project to transform one of southwest Bakersfield’s poorest schools, received $80,000 from Chevron to develop an engineering lab, officials announced.

Lamont Elementary School District board members, expected to appoint a new interim assistant superintendent Tuesday that would have closed the chapter on the Jose Cantu scandal from earlier this year, instead chose to fill the former administrator’s position by spreading it out between three…

Kern High School District Trustee Joey O’Connell was sworn into office Monday, but made it clear that he has taken no position on a controversial decision made two weeks ago to allow teachers with Concealed Carry Weapon permits to bring firearms to campus.