Agitated over recent problems with his neighbor, Alfred Neith left his house the evening of March 9 armed with a loaded Glock 9mm handgun, according to court documents.

He confronted the 52-year-old neighbor in the middle of the street and opened fire, striking the other man in the upper body, deputies said in court documents. The man was critically wounded but survived. Deputies arrested Neith. 

The reason for Neith's anger? He claimed the other man — who is not named in the documents — hit his wife with a bottle. 

But the two also possibly argued over Neith's use of a drone in the area where they live on Scovern Street in Lake Isabella, deputies aid. 

If the drone did play a role, it wouldn't be the first time a dispute involving the small flying crafts have spilled over into gunplay.

A New Jersey man admitted to shooting at a remotely controlled drone in 2014, according to The shooter, Russell Percenti, said he was defending his family's privacy when he fired at the drone, which was valued at more than $500.

Originally facing charges that could have sent him to prison for more than five years, Percenti pleaded guilty in 2016 to criminal mischief and received probation, reported. 

The drone's owner told The Associated Press he was taking aerial photos of a friend's home under construction when he heard gunshots and lost control of the device. 

While Percenti reached a plea agreement, a Kentucky man received a far more favorable outcome.

A judge dismissed criminal charges against William Merideth, who called himself the "Drone Slayer" after shooting down a neighbor's drone flying over his property in 2015. The judge cited invasion of privacy concerns in his ruling. 

Under California law, emergency responders are allowed to "disable, damage, or destroy any drone that is interfering with emergency response operations."

That includes drones flying in airspace where firefighters are using helicopters or other aircraft to douse wildfires.

In 2015, Kern County firefighters were forced to suspend air attacks against a 50-acre fire south of Tehachapi due to a drone flying through the area. It was unclear if law enforcement located the pilot. 

Neith, 33, is being held on $700,000 bail after pleading not guilty to charges of attempted murder and assault with a firearm on a person. 

In 2005, he pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, according to court records, and in 2004 he pleaded no contest to a charge of misdemeanor battery. 

Neith is next due in court April 16. 

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