Thirteen emergency medical services professionals will be honored Monday for their exemplary care to the people of Kern County.

California Senate Republican Leader Jean Fuller, R-Bakersfield, will recognize them in her office at the State Capitol, according to a press release from Hall Ambulance Service.

Of significant merit are the following paramedics and EMTs:

• Paramedic Rick Davis’ advanced life support care for a cardiac arrest victim on Christmas Eve resulted in the patient surviving and spending another Christmas with her family.

• Paramedic Ryan Strange, who convinced a middle-school teacher that her severe panic attack could be, and indeed was, something else — cardiac arrest.

• Paramedic Marsha Aase and EMT William Cassidy, who saved the life of a great-grandmother who went into sudden cardiac arrest.

• Paramedic Josh Edwards and EMT Brooke Carmona, who saved the life of a 19-year-old who suffered sudden cardiac arrest while playing basketball.

• Paramedic Eddie Maldonado and EMT Adam Moreno, who performed exemplary work when faced with responding to a co-worker’s need for medical aid due to a cardiac complaint.

Other honorees include Rod Castillo, Mark Corum, Masato Seki, Vera Chinn and Tabitha Baker.

The recognition is part of the California Ambulance Association’s Stars of Life event, which will recognize 48 paramedics, EMTs and emergency medical dispatchers from across the state. Their actions are as varied as their position but demonstrate they have stood out among their peers as the best of the best working in California’s private ambulance industry.

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