Roughly 100 Chevron employees working for the San Joaquin Valley Business Unit received layoff notices Thursday, but they won’t actually be let go until after the holidays, the company announced.

Those layoffs — which will impact about 300 employees — were first announced in October in reaction to depressed crude oil prices that dropped by half in 2014 and have still not recovered. The decision was made after a months-long review of the company’s West Coast operations.

In Bakersfield, the layoffs affect 53 employees who will be eliminated from Chevron's office at 1546 China Grade Loop, according to a letter Chevron spokeswoman Carla Musser sent to Assistant County Administrative Officer Teresa Hitchcock Thursday. 

The earliest layoffs will occur Jan. 29, 2018, the letter states. 

The remaining 200 employees will be phased out between now and the end of 2018, Chevron spokeswoman Abby Auffant said in an email.

“Eligible employees may receive severance pay, educational assistance and career transition services,” Auffant wrote.

She added that Chevron has “recently” placed about 100 employees in positions at other company locations. It’s unclear whether Chevron planned to lay off those employees.

When the workforce reduction was first announced, Chevron officials said they were encouraging employees to apply for opportunities throughout the company.

Employees in San Joaquin Valley Business Unit take part in “upstream” energy exploration and production. The regional division includes employees of all disciplines, ranging from engineers to business support staff.

That division posted losses totaling more than $6 billion for two straight years after crude oil prices plummeted in 2014, according to the company’s annual report, filed in February.

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