While basketball games can often be loud and chaotic, Wednesday’s game between Centennial High and Garces Memorial started off on a quiet note.

Before the game began, the Centennial High team held a moment of silence in memory of a fallen teammate, 16-year-old Clayton Boen. Boen was a sophomore who died on Sunday after falling out of the window of a vehicle in a DUI-related accident.

Before the moment of silence, Athletic Director Tom Haskell said a few words on behalf of the school to Boen. 

"Whether on the field or court, you've been by our side. We wear the golden hat hawk with determination and pride. Although not family, at least not by blood, we are brothers bonded by the game. We are family just the same. Today, although we are filled with sadness and sorrow, may we always carry your memory for every tomorrow. We always promise to hustle, hit and fly, and may we never let your memory die," Haskell said.   

In addition to the moment of silence, players also wore black shoulder bands in memory of Boen. 

Student Hanah Ryan supervised a table at the game where people could hand over cash donations to help pay for Boen's funeral services. Ryan said she knew Boen ever since middle school. 

"He was super sweet," she said. "He just knew how to cheer you up when you were having a bad day. No matter what, he was always a happy person." 

Ryan said she found out about Boen's death after a student had posted information about it on Instagram. 

"It was like a shock. It didn't feel real at all," she said. "I started to think about his girlfriend and his family and just started crying because I can't imagine losing someone like that."

Centennial High held a schoolwide moment of silence on Tuesday. A vigil has been tentatively set for Jan. 22.

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