Several businesses at Silver Creek Plaza at Ashe Road and Panama Lane are now up and running after they were forced to close over the weekend due to a water-main break.

WinCo Foods, McDonalds, Taco Bell and several other businesses on the northern side of the center had to close on Friday after the main broke while contractors attempted to connect the line to the new Chevron station in the northeast corner, the city said.

Businesses were able to re-open as soon as Monday after the main was repaired. All affected businesses were open as of Tuesday.

While the closure only lasted a few days, it couldn’t have happened during a worse part of the week for some businesses whose weekend traffic amounts for a large chunk of their revenue.

One such business is Chinese food eatery Wok it Out, which re-opened on Monday morning.

“We lost a lot of money over the weekend,” said owner Peter Wang. “The weekend is when we get most of our sales for the week.”

Wang said that on good weekends, they make around $15,000. He said their weekend revenue often matches or exceeds the amount they take in on weekdays.

It also didn’t help matters that the business was notified right during lunch time that the water line was being shut off and that they would have to close, Wang said. He said there were many people in the restaurant at the time. Customers were allowed to finish their food before the closure.

The business also lost money on unsold food, Wang said.

“There was a lot of food waste. W threw away everything we had cooked,” he said.

Businesses located on the southeast side of the plaza were unaffected by the water main break and therefore were allowed to stay open.

Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees and Smoothies was open throughout the weekend, but the closure of the northern side of the mall still had a negative impact.

“A lot of people thought we were closed,” said manager Hema Patel, “We usually get a lot of weekend traffic, but there was a lot less traffic last weekend.”

The water main break wasn’t the only problem to hit that part of town recently. A sinkhole that was discovered at Ashe and Harris roads on Feb. 5 could finally be patched up as soon as this week.

A sinkhole approximately 12-foot wide, 25-foot deep developed in the area after a 30-foot concrete sewer pipe collapsed. City crews have been working day and night making emergency repairs, which are expected to wrap up on Friday.

City Public Works Director Nick Fidler said crews set up a bypass so sewer service could continue. Two separate segments of the pipe have to be replaced. Fidler said one of them is complete and crews are working on the other. 

An inspection of the area also revealed that a manhole near the sinkhole was also in need of some repairs, Fidler said.

“After that, we can take out the bypass and pave the street over,” he said.

Since Feb. 5, Ashe Road between Quinn Canyon Lane and Harris Road has been closed, with a detour sending southbound motorists back to Harris Road and northbound drivers detoured to Reliance Drive.

Fidler said that outside of the road closure, there have not been any major impacts to residents due to the sinkhole.

“It hasn’t impacted any sewer service because we have the bypass,” he said.

Joseph Luiz can be reached at 395-7368 or by email at You can also follow him on Twitter @JLuiz_TBC. 

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