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Henry A. Barrios

For our benefit, and the sake of transparency in his 2018 campaign, it would be helpful to have some information as to why our Representative Kevin McCarthy:

1. Voted for a healthcare bill that would hurt those who can least afford medical treatment.

2. Voted for a bill that would remove insurance premium subsidies for those unable to afford medical insurance.

3. Voted for a bill that would take away insurance from millions of additional individuals above and beyond those now uninsured.

4. Voted for a bill that would re-create a pool of uninsurables, and a second pool for whom premiums would shoot so high as to be unaffordable.

5. Insisted on using a dynamic budget model to justify the House budget when that model failed and was debunked more than thirty years ago. The trickle down theory of economics sounded good but never worked other than to have profits gained by the rich “trickle down” into stock buy-backs and their investment portfolios.

6. Voted for a bill that taxes college and university tuition waivers as ordinary income making students come up with income tax payments when they can least afford it, and need to be writing papers and studying for midterms and finals. Such a tax will result in students dropping out of their schooling precisely when employers are screaming for better-trained graduates whom they can employ in critical industries. The higher the level of education people have, the more they will make immediately and over their lifetimes to pay increased income and payroll taxes for as long as they’re working.

7. Voted for a plan that eliminates the deductibility of interest paid on student loans.

8. Voted for a bill that eliminates tax deductions for teachers who buy classroom supplies out of their own pockets.

9. Voted for a bill that eliminates the deductibility of state and local taxes.

10. Voted for a bill that reduces the tax deductibility of real-estate taxes.

11. Voted for a bill that sunsets for individuals in ten years but remains in effect for businesses forever.

12. Voted for a bill that projects steeply rising individual taxes after that sunset.

13. Voted for a bill that increases national debt whose interest will be serviced by ever-diminishing remaining discretionary sums. And out of such diminishing remains we must fund a military whose armaments are falling apart for lack of maintenance, repairs, and parts. Whose fleets of ships and planes are but a fraction of what they once were and shrinking and deteriorating. Only 33 percent of Navy and 70 percent of Air Force planes are mission-ready.

14. Supported a plan that withholds federal financial assistance for wildfire and earthquake damage (typically western occurrences) while granting federal assistance for hurricane and flood damage (typically east and gulf coast occurrences).

15. Voted for a plan that eliminates the deductibility of medical expenses which affects the elderly specifically as high consumers of - and payers for - medical care.

16. Did not hold an honest-to-god face-to-face town hall meeting for well over a year despite being asked to, and frequently being home.

17. Voted for a plan that would raise taxes on those earning between $10,000 and $30,000 by 2021.

18. Voted for a plan that would - according to nonpartisan yet conservative-leaning Tax Policy Center - reduce federal revenue by $3.1 trillion over 10 years and $2.2 trillion over the following ten years.

19. Voted for a plan that would give progressively bigger tax cuts percentage-of-income wise the higher one goes on the income scale.

20. Voted for a plan that would eliminate all deductions except for mortgage interest and charitable giving.

21. Eliminated the alternative minimum tax giving a sizeable gift to high-income earners who can afford accountants to pencil-whip their returns to the point of paying next to nothing, or nothing.

22. Left carried interest income tax intact for the very wealthy.

23. Voted for mutually-reinforcing health and tax plans that cannibalized Medicare and Medicaid while gifting the wealthy very tidy sums of cash.

There’s a whole lot more Kevin needs to explain, especially who his constituents are: we of his district, or he, advancing himself.

Dr. Brik McDill of Bakersfield is a retired psychologist.

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McCarthy is a coward who will never answer questions regarding his hateful treatment of his constituents. I've tried on many occasions, found his office locked, my email unanswered, and my voice messages ignored.


I have also been frustrated that he does not respond to email or phone calls. Are there any local groups that meet together so as to have a coordinated effort to keep Mr. McCarthy accountable?


To PJamison:

The article was written using “Liberal talking points”. You ask for specific rebuttals; while I will not take the time to speak to each one individually, I will address two of them specifically.

3. Voted for a bill that would take away insurance from millions of additional individuals above and beyond those now uninsured.

The Bill does not “take insurance away insurance from millions of additional individuals above and beyond those now uninsured”. It eliminates the requirement that individuals “must” purchase medical insurance (a tax, as determined by the Supreme Court) and allows those individuals to opt out of buying medical insurance, therefore the number of insured drops.

17. Voted for a plan that would raise taxes on those earning between $10,000 and $30,000 by 2021

Those earning between $10,000 and $30,000 don’t pay Federal Income Taxes (they should since they receive “benefits from those of us who do pay, but I digress) and they still won’t by 2021.


Do you know what insurance is? It's a form of socialism whereby the many contribute to collectively insure that the few don't suffer catastrophic losses. How does it become affordable, by making sure that there are many contributing. What happens when the many become fewer? Rates go up. What happens to the uninsured when they have a catastrophic event? They still get treated and YOU and I pay for it with increased rates and increased medical costs. What happens when the uninsured get sick? They go to the Emergency Room, and we pay 10 times more for their treatment. Trickle down DOES NOT WORK. How many tries and studies do you need? It is idiotic for ANY middle classer to endorse it, and McCarthy is just a yes man who stands behind the dishonest nodding his head. Great work if you can get it.


Another thing that causes rates to increase is when insurers are required to cover pre-existing conditions without scaling the premium to cover the risk. But that's not really insurance. That's risk-free profit sharing.


Nice job, there, bud-- do you have specific rebuttals to the doctor's specific questions, or is a general emotional attack on "liberalism" the extent of the counter-argument? Our representative's support of this bill will result in damage to a much greater number of his Constitutional constituents than it will help, so why vote for it?


Dr. Brik, retired Psycho babble liberal, voted for the Dems that are destroying this state and he can't see beyond the glasses on his face. I'm not especially fond of McCarthy, but he's better than another liberal hack. The Democrats have run this state into the ground with social programs and taxed the poor working class people who pay for all the lunacy only a liberal mind can make up. California is the greatest welfare state in the nation and if it wasn't for the rich blessing of the natural resources that are here in abundance, including our talented working people, this state would be bankrupt. Because of the liberal nuts, the illegal immigrant population totaling more than 3 million, have more rights than naturalized citizens who support them. The entitlement mentality of those who have no skin in the game has taken over this state. The sucking sound you hear every day in this state is the wealth draining from the coffers of the general fund into a bottomless pit that has no redeeming value...those who contribute nothing and suck the life out of everything around them. This is the black hole of liberalism. How dare you Dr. Brik. You've lost your mind like all the liberals who pose as Sacramento politicians who speak and act on our behalf and think they know what's best. When I retire, I'm leaving this state which I grew up in and worked in all my life. It's changed and it's sad Dr. Brik. You and your ilk have changed this state into something I don't recognize. I'll leave and never look back.


The world's 5th economic power is run into the ground? Maybe you should move to one of those great Red States like Mississippi or Arkansas where the streets are paved with gold.

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