The Kern County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the possibility that three assault cases around Delano are related and involve the same suspect, KCSO said in a press release Saturday morning.

The most recent assault was in the area of Woollomes Avenue and Melcher Road on Thursday, where a man tried to sexually assault or kidnap a woman before she could get into her vehicle, the release said.

The woman was able to escape the man after a short struggle and received help from field workers in the area, KCSO said.

The suspect left the area in a vehicle after unsuccessfully trying to catch the woman as she fled, the release said.

A similar incident happened June 15 where a woman was sexually assaulted after the suspect hit her with his vehicle in the area of Driver Road and Peterson Avenue, KCSO said.

Another incident occurred on May 5 when a woman was assaulted and stabbed in the area of Elmo Highway and route 99, the release said.

KCSO said it is investigating whether these cases are related due to the locations’ proximity to each other and the suspect’s similar actions.

The suspect is described as a “dark-complected,” 5’5”-tall Hispanic male who is about 28 to 35 years old, the release said.

He is 150 pounds and was wearing a light brown straw hat, red or blue bandana covering his face and a red long-sleeve shirt, the release said.

KCSO asks anyone with information on any of these cases to call the sheriff’s office at 861-3110 or Secret Witness at 322-4040.

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