Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said a recent Fox News story reporting the county did not honor 65 requests for detainers by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is false. 

The sheriff said the report, issued by ICE out of Washington, D.C. and reported on Fox, claimed the county was given the requests between Feb. 4 and Feb. 10. 

The county only received 25 requests in the entire month of February, Youngblood said Thursday, and it honored every one of them. 

He said he's not sure where ICE got those numbers.

"We had zero detainers that we didn't honor," he said. 

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Youngblood has been Sheriff too long. Look at this fool .. Time to boot his butt out.


According to ICE, Kern County transferred more detainees than 89% of other Counties.


seems a difficult tale 4 Sheriff Donny Youngblood to spin after he has just canoodled with Donald T. in the nation's capital....


Fox only reported what ICE released in it's report. Whose fault is that?


A false report on Fox News? Who'd of thought? Fox news: red meat for conservatives who like the alternative facts vs. the real ones.


youngblood can make the claim, but the ICE report indeed shows 65 requests. Given Kern county's determination that Ridgecrest doesn't even merit a jail, are we to presume that the Kern County is diligent on any other crime issue? In any case the fault would not be Fox news it would be a miscommunication between Kern law enforcement and ICE.


So you're saying the County Sheriff is a liar.

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